David Marxer - Artist, Illustrator, & Programmer
My Art Life:
Largely self-taught, I have been drawing for over thirty years. The bulk of my experience has been in pencil, pen & ink, and colored pencil. My current studies now include pastel, air-brushed watercolor and acrylic ink, and claybord.
     In my past positions as a design engineer I gained a great deal of experience in technical illustration, both on the drawing board and on computer aided design (CAD) systems.
My principle outlet has been through open air art shows, most notably in Washington, Missouri. Of late , I have been entering art competitions and revising this web-site.
For this new year I intend to make submissions to several more competitions, design and develop my marketing material, explore the feasibility of limited edition prints, begin to expand web presence, and, later in the year, begin to explore possible gallery representation.
My "Other" Life:
Quality Assurance:
For the past 17 years in my position as a Quality Engineer for several manufacturing companies I have gained extensive experience in the development of the Quality Management Systems of ISO9000, QS9000, and TS16949.
In addition, I am an accomplished Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and C++ programmer.
This technical experience, together with my detailed knowledge of Microsoft Office and my sense of design has allowed me to develop hundreds of work instructions and technical documents that have helped my companies achieve their Quality Management System certifications.
In particular, I have specialized in the development of PPAP documentation which includes Process Flow, FMEA, Control Plans, work instructions, and Inspection Plans.
This technical discipline, together with my experience as a CMM operator and programmer, has allowed me to execute a number of free-lance contracts ranging from layouts and capability studies to complete and ready-for-submission PPAPs.
Computer Programming:
I have been programming PCs since 1985 and have loved every minute of it. Most of my programming skills have been self-taught. Although much of my code has been in Visual Basic, I enjoy programming C++ the most. More recently within the past 6 years the bulk of my programming has been in developing Word and Excel database solutions using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).
The companies I have worked for have been small, single facility companies and although none of them could afford sophisticated database and data collection software and maintenance, their management personnel did share a common experience in using the Microsoft Office platform.
By creating User forms for user input in Excel and writing Visual Basic for Application code for extracting the user data and manipulating the underlying Worksheet, I have been able to create records-based solutions for Maintenance Work Orders, Production Entry, Non-Conforming Product, and APQP/PPAP, to name a few.
These not only create a spreadsheet database for each solution's data, but also sorts, groups, and calculates the data, and creates graphed reports for several metrics of concern.
I am hoping to use Marxer Studio as a platform for marketing affordable Excel and Word Add-Ins for those industries for which I have experience, especially Quality Assurance Management.